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The Texas Pandemic Flu Exercise tool is an interactive simulation-driven application for conducting public health preparedness exercises for DSHS central, regional, and local public health preparedness programs. It allows users to examine the magnitude and timing of influenza pandemics in Texas, and the effects of user-specified antiviral, vaccine and non-pharmaceutical interventions. The tool is designed to support the development of pandemic response plans, pandemic training exercises, and real-time pandemic decision-making. It runs on laptop/desktop computers and in the state-of-the-art Texas Advanced Computing Center Visualization Laboratory, which can be used as a decision theater for large-scale preparedness exercises.


The Texas Pandemic Flu Exercise tool is available for both Windows and Mac OSX computers. Download packages below to install the exercise tool.

Version 1.1.0

This updated version of the Exercise tool supports importing antiviral release schedules from the Texas Antiviral Release Scheduling tool, in addition to other feature enhancements.

Version 1.0.1

Exercises in the Texas Advanced Computing Center Visualization Laboratory

Large-scale pandemic flu preparedness exercises can be conducted at the Texas Advanced Computing Center Visualization Laboratory (Vislab) located on the University of Texas at Austin main campus. The Vislab offers leading-edge visualization technologies, including Stallion, among the world’s highest resolution tiled-displays at 328 million pixels (80 tiled LCD panels), and powered by a cluster with 42 graphics processors; Lasso, a multi-touch tiled display with a resolution of 12.4 million pixels and a PQ Labs 32-point multi-touch infrared perimeter; and Bronco, a Sony 9 million pixel projection system driven by a high-end Dell workstation. The Vislab also provides 3D visualization capability, a video-conferencing room, and four high-end graphics workstations. The Vislab can be used for large-scale advanced visualization and collaborative meetings, supporting audiences of up to 50 participants.

The exercise tool can be connected to the Vislab systems through the DisplayCluster software environment, providing the ability to visualize many views of simulated pandemics simultaneously, and allowing for participation by large groups of users.